Venues Wanted!

Our patronage is increasing and we require suitable venues to liaise with as we grow our business. You are invited to reply if your venue fulfils criteria listed below.

Does your venue:

  1. Have a room that will seat from about 100 patrons or more?
  2. Have or can provide a raised stage area to support 3 performers?
  3. Desire to build patronage in the 40 through 65 yo age group?
  4. Promote itself to the public in your geographical area?
  5. Have a reputation for good food and have a good patronage or are renowned for good quality entertainment?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the above, please contact us ASAP via email or telephone for further discussion regarding your facilities as we are currently reviewing venues most appropriate to our target market.

Venues we work with enjoy a ‘Profit Only & Exclusivity’ arrangement with us. They are also protected from any competition in their area for a guaranteed period by our Trade Mark.

Show options for the right venues are:

  1. Show & Dinner Package for Restaurants
  2. Show & Dinner Package for Theatre Restaurants
  3. Show Only or Show & Dinner Package for venues that are not dedicated restaurants, but do have food available.
  4. Show Only for venues that have no facilities for meals.
  5. Private Events. These include milestone events, wedding anniversaries, 40th, 50th, 60th, and 70th birthdays, retirement parties, awards nights, etc.

We provide:

  1. Our Trade Marked event. Approx 5 hours overall when meals are involved. [Patrons usually arrive 7pm, ladies receive complimentary champagne or wine, all relax, dine, show runs 8pm – 10.30pm with various segments and short intermission. Dancing from 10.40 til midnight if desired.]
  2. All talent for our complete show. [3 persons]
  3. Sound & lighting production [usually].
  4. Posters & DL flyers
  5. Promotional advertising artwork.
  6. Print media artwork. (for newspapers, etc).
  7. TV commercial available
  8. Radio commercial produced for viable events.
  9. Sponsored prizes.
  10. Exclusivity & protection our Trade Mark extends.

We hope we hear from you in the near future.