Toast & Roast!

40th, 50th & 60th Birthday parties are big events.

So is an award presentation, promotion, retirement….

in fact…  any cause for celebration!

Imagine ‘This Is Your Life’ mixed with a Celebrity Roast and incorporating all the fun, memories and best of goodwill. We toast the guest of honour, and roast them at the same time!

We arrange all the entertainment, MCs, ‘special guests’, sound, lighting and multimedia for milestone events.

Even when the party is outside Australia, we handle everything to ensure your only job is to arrive and enjoy yourself.

Just because we have managed entertainment, or production, or both, for numerous private clients including:

•Royal Families

•Sports Stars

•Corporate Leaders

•Media Personalities

It doesn’t mean you need a big budget. It means we will only provide the best for your money.

We have access to other entertainers, suppliers, special effects and other options to ensure your event is the most memorable of your special guest’s life.

Tel: 0416 173 711