40, 50, 60… 100th Birthday?  Retirement Party? Roast?

Champagne Taste?  ….Beer Budget?!

Let us remove the $tress

We deliver the total package

MC, stars, shows, sound, lights, etc…

If you wish, we will provide you with just an MC, entertainer or floorshow, but because we can ‘do it all’ and are very thrifty, we are asked to produce all sorts of private events for all sorts of reasons.

Special songs. – We can sing them.

Special memories. – We can show them, onscreen, with running comedy commentary!

Special people. – We can bring them – to life, if necessary!

Special deals. – We can even perform Free or PAY YOU! Ask us how.

Testimonial provided after a milestone birthday party… ” Thank you so much for the reimbursement. It was a fabulous night. All our friends have said what great entertainment and also the best night out ever… a great success. Letting the Golf Club open the Show to the Public worked out well. The more tickets sold, the better the reimbursement.”

Here’s a couple of themes to consider:

* Baby Boomers Comedy & Music Show

* 007 – with the world’s #1 spy as your MC

* Roast & Toast!

Our goal with your once in a lifetime experience is to turn your special guest into a celebrity with all the WOW! to give you the perfect celebration.

For a milestone birthday, major achievement or long deserved “thank you”, we combine technology, live entertainment and humour to deliver the premier presentation.

Our total package includes sound, lighting, music, special effects, multimedia and MC for the complete evening or daytime event, so all you do is relax and celebrate. (We can recommend venue, catering, accommodation, guest on ground transport, even invitations providers and theme creative if required.)

You get all the experience and knowledge usually only available for corporate clients, because our shows are products of our corporate work.

Numerous clients and event organizers wanting WOW factor have asked our leading man to be creative director for major events as well as providing the feature performance.

Examples of these events include the America’s Cup Ball (where a Hyatt ballroom became an underwater vista), Phantom Of The Hilton (when professional event organizers became entombed in the Hilton ballroom converted to the Phantom’s lair) and international product launches such as one awarded the ‘best in the world’ when the front cover of the client’s sales brochure was transformed into a three dimensional experience.

40th, 50th & 60th Birthday parties are big events.

So is  an award presentation, promotion, retirement…

in fact… any cause for celebration!

Imagine ‘This Is Your Life’ mixed with a Celebrity Roast and incorporating all the fun, memories and best of goodwill. We toast the guest of honour, and roast them at the same time!

We arrange all the entertainment, MCs, ‘special guests’, sound, lighting and multimedia for milestone events.

Even when the party is outside Australia, we handle everything to ensure your only job is to arrive and enjoy yourself.

Just because we have managed entertainment, or production, or both, for numerous private clients including:

Royal Families, Sports Stars, Corporate Leaders, Media Personalities

…It doesn’t mean you need a big budget.  It means we will only provide the best for your money.

We have access to other entertainers, suppliers, special effects and other options to ensure your event is the most memorable of your special guest’s life.

For a special ‘renewal of vows’, before the ‘entertainment’, we even provided an Irish priest. Because only the hosts knew, that was a surprise for the guests! This time though, we’re allowed to show you their video!

Just tell us your preferred date and budget. Then relax and look forward to a great event!

Tel: 0416 173 711

Email: info@BabyBoomersEntertainment.com

Surprise Party?

Shhhhh… We can keep a secret before the big “Surprise!”

Pssst. Want to know which international golf star turning 40 we got to party with?

Psssst. Guess which CEO’s wife smuggled us the family photo album so we could scan the images, edit them, then fly overseas, secretly organise all entertainment & production and be ready to run our tailored comedy multimedia show to the group of 20 closest friends and family?

…We can keep a secret after the big surprise too!

Corporate Events

Need Tailored Theme? Want to WOW?

We have the answers:

  • Baby Boomers Comedy & Music Show
  • James Bond 007
  • Toast & Roast
  • and many more

We’ve provided Talent & Creative Internationally for Cartier, Ford, MCG, Pepsi, Royal Families, Toyota and many more, – to create Americas Cup Balls, Product Launches, Awards Nights, Themed Functions, Cocktail Parties and Fund Raisers.

We tailor the creative for our clients most of the time, but we can suggest examples of themes we are most asked to provide.

When asked to work in with ‘Themes’, this is what we understand a ‘Theme’ to be. Themes should fool our senses, – to believe or vindicate the environment of the event. We think themes should transport you and surround you in the illusion of that theme from the moment you arrive. Themes can extend to create the fantasy from the moment you leave your home or office, if you wish.

Themes are composed of:

1.  Excellent people. The ‘talent’ must first convince the guests they belong in this theme, plus amuse, entertain, serve and direct appropriately from the first guest entry until after the last guest leaves. We believe that is our responsibility.

2.  Excellent sound & lighting. Everyone must be able to hear sound clearly and lighting can change moods and pace in the room in a moment. We have our own sound and lighting equipment available if you do not already have a professional provider.

3.  Excellent room. The venue may be simply arranged, use lavish set design, amazing technology and audio visual, or be a converted warehouse, – provided it justifies the theme, and the theme/subject justifies it. We happily recommend the venues that we’ve found to be the highest standard providers of real value and service, for those delegated to spend corporate dollars.

All these merge to become what we define as the ‘theme’.

Before you consider a specific theme, we encourage you to first look the reason for the event. For example, is the occasion a:

  • Product Launch? Let’s discuss how we Wow the guests and motivate them to promote the product and buy it.
  • Conference Dinner? What message is the focal point of the conference? Can we extend that and create greater ‘front of mind’ recall?
  • Honoring An Individual? If the CEO is retiring, or it’s the MD’s milestone birthday, the theme may reflect their great love of a sport, a great accomplishment, or have a ‘This Is Your Life –Toast & Roast’ quality. The personality of the guest of honour, possible element of secrecy and company’s public profile would all be considered to create the successful event.

Enquire about our select group of Keynote Speakers, Corporate Comedians, Specialty Acts, Entertainers and MC’s.

We appreciate our clients and invite you to read some of the testimonials they write.

PS. If you are organizing an event ‘in-house’, we know the best professional suppliers for all areas in all budgets and happily offer you that information.